Psychosocial nursing diagnosis

Psychosocial nursing diagnosis are most times used with patients who have been affected by diseases such as anorexia, depression, bipolar diseases, substance abuse, bulimia, alcohol abuse, people who have lost hope and are thinking of committing suicide or have attempted it, people who have dying issues, behavioral or self-esteem issues and coping problems. As for the term psychosocial, it is related to positive and negative interactions between individuals or group of individuals and the way and manner in which those interactions are displayed. Being able to cope and tolerate stress are also involved in psychosocial issues and also related to the manner patients deal with life activities and life issues in general. When it comes to self-esteem, it is related to one’s personal worth, one’s significance, capability and how successful one will be in life.

Psychosocial nursing has to do with both social and psychological aspects of a patient’s life processes. Psychosocial nursing is known to be a crucial part of a continuous health assessment and physical examination which is to include basic analysis of lack of knowledge, rest and inability to cope. It is also a portion of a holistic nursing system which includes stressors, values, culture, family, social roles and responsibility and so on. All of which are related with the health status of the patient.

Psychosocial nursing diagnosis

Psychosocial nursing diagnosis Diagram

Though, a holistic view and approach in the nursing science is more acceptable and readily available in recent times but areas that have one or two things to do with psychosocial health of patients are most times neglected or not taken as important. This has a long term effect on the field of nursing and the medical community in general. The solution to this problem is to educate nurses, patients and potential nurses in order to improve the well being of patients, fill the gap of insufficient knowledge in nursing science and also improve health care system in general especially in the area of psychosocial health.

Psychosocial nursing diagnosis is also known to improve and promote optimal emotional health, mental and the social functioning of the state of the mind of patients.

The components of psychosocial nursing diagnosis involve mental status diagnosis which entails appearance such as grooming, cosmetics, posture, dress, hygiene and expression. It also entails behavioral activities such as being rigid, being hyperactive, relaxed, exhibiting agitated motor movements, facial grimacing, combative, coordination and gait with bizarre. Also, part of psychosocial nursing diagnosis is that they assess the patients interactions with interviewers such as being resistive, friendly, ingratiating and showing signs of corporation. They also check the patient’s speech quality to know if the patient is audible enough and his speech contains elements of reasoning. This is to really know if his verbal communication organs are impaired especially when he doesn’t really get hold of his reasoning faculty.

Psychosocial nursing come into play in two forms. The first being dependent which is derived from the recommendations of psychiatrists. An instance of this is administering drugs and medicines. The second one is based on diagnosis of the nurses, also the caring plans and also advising patients to take a good care of their personal hygiene. This is known as the independent nursing actions.

Furthermore, nurses also make use of some important criteria to further perform their jobs. These are internal and external criteria. The first which is internal is known to comprise of medical or psychiatric illness and perceived loss like loss of self esteem and concept. The external criteria are taken to be actual loss. An example of which is loss of a loved one, inability to find support systems, financial loss or loss of job and also dysfunctional family system. These are just basic information about psychosocial nursing diagnosis which is important for nurses, patients and the medical community.